OSH compliant.

Contents: 1 x abdominal/combine pad, 20 x adhesive bandage, 2 x adhesive island dressing large, 2 x adhesive island dressing small, 1 x adhesive strip, 3 x butterfly shape adhesive bandage, 4 x cleansing wipes, 2 x conforming bandage, 2 x emergency blanket, 2 x eye pad, 1 x first aid information, 2 x adhesive H bandage, 1 x mouth to mouth apparatus, 1 x paper tape, 4 x safety gloves, 1 x safety pins (10pcs each pack), 2 x semi-permeable dressing large, 2 x semi-permeable dressing small, 1 x scissors, 4 x soap wipes, 2 x thick PBT bandage, 2 x triangular bandage, 1 x tweezers, 2 x sterile unmedicated large wound dressing 18 x 18cm, 2 x sterile unmedicated medium wound dressing 12 x 12cm.

SKU: KEN230014 TAG: KW 100YRS

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